Freedom Friday- Intermittent Fasting Results

My health coach has wanted me to try intermittent fasting since I first started going to her.  I have been resistant because, besides being skeptical that it actually works, I was worried that I would be starving the entire time I was doing it.  I did a little reading about it and decided to at least try it.  I knew if it didn't work out well I could always go back to what I had been doing, so it was worth a shot.
Food log picture
I had an excellent week with awesome results.  Even though I increased my caloric intake this week along with the intermittent fasting, I lost 7 pounds!  I am ecstatic with the success I had with this technique.  I received several little rewards as a result of my fasting.  I am really glad I tried it.  I am going to continue intermittent fasting because it seems like my system really likes it.  


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