How Does A Person Become A Victim of Domestic Violence?

With the death of Gabby Petito, some are saying that the wrong conversation is being had about the tragedy.  They feel that not enough attention is being given to the domestic violence that was apparently a facet of her relationship with her fiancé.  A spokesperson from Futures Without Violence said that by looking at this situation as an isolated incident, not enough focus is being placed on the prevalence of domestic violence. 
Cases of domestic violence are continually increasing worldwide.  With October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I felt it was important to implore people to be more aware of possible abusive circumstances.  As an abuse survivor, I feel it is important for everyone to be alert to behavior that might indicate abuse.
When I finally made the decision to escape the abuse I was experiencing, most of my friends said that they had no clue anything was going on.  They did not know that I was stressed out and depressed all of the time.  They were not aware of the volatile situation in which I was living.  They had no idea of the torment I faced each day because I was so good at hiding my emotions.
No one knew that I would cry every time I drove home.  Nobody was aware that I was not sleeping well.  Everyone around me was oblivious to the anxiety and panic attacks I was having.  It was all my little secret.  Even the monster was did not know about all of the horrible things I was experiencing- but he knew about enough to keep him happy.  The prevalence of abuse makes it crucial for us to know the signs of abuse.
It is just as important to know how to handle abusive situations.  Great care must be taken in how we respond so the victim will not be put in even more danger.  The murder of Gabby has shown this all too well.  What is important is to end the abuse.
Not every abusive individual is a male.  Females can be abusive too.  It is imperative not to be blind to abuse based on a person's gender.  There are centers set up to help victims of domestic violence.  To learn how to help someone you know who is in an abusive relationship, contact  This organization has individuals trained in handling these cases in a safe manner.    


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