Cookie Checks Out the Oakdale Cowboy Museum

Picture of the Oakdale, California, Museum.  Yellow and brown building with stairs and wheelchair ramp.  Landscaping shows sidewalks, trees, grassy areas, and pink flowers
A few years ago, I was visiting with some friends in Oakdale, California, just before I started out on my nationwide tour.  While I was there, I ventured out to see what was in the quaint little town- about a half hour away from Modesto.

Plaque outside of Oakdale, California, museum explaining the history of the museum and town
I found a cute little museum in an amazing part of town.  The surroundings around the museum made me feel happy.  It is something I think everyone should see- but I know it is not possible for everyone to travel to the area, so I am delighted to share my pictures with you.

metal sculpture of a horse and rider in front of the Oakdale, California, Cowboy Museum
The streets and sidewalks have been formed with cobblestone-type tiles to give the area a pleasant, historical atmosphere.  A plaque outside the museum tells of the history of the area, and a sculpture of a horse and rider mentally transports visitors back in time.

Saddles and other artifacts housed in the Oakdale Cowboy Museum
The museum contains all kinds of artifacts that belonged to residents of long ago.  Many of the relics highlight the ranching history of the town.  Visitors can learn about the rodeo and why Oakdale has been referred to as the Cowboy Capital of the World.

Frilly, white chaps in a glass museum display case
The historical building contains several saddles along with information about those who used them.  Rodeo attire such as chaps and spurs are on display as well.  Photos of past rodeo competitors. along with awards won, are also on display.

Saddles in the Oakdale Cowboy Museum.  Pictures and stories of past residents of the town are displayed on the wall
Typical equipment used in ranching such as branding irons and shoeing tools is housed at the museum.  There is even a cow hide hanging on the wall.  Historical newsletters and rodeo programs are available for any who are interested in learning more about the town's rich history.

A table with booklets containing highlights of the town's history are displayed on a table
The gift shop contains tons of fun stuph.  There is clothing, hats, and cups available for purchase.  The store has fun gag gifts and yummy treats too.  Sales from the gift shop help to keep the museum open and bring more interesting exhibits for viewing.

Booklets depicting lives of those who have lived in Oakdale, California, are displayed for sale on a rack
All kinds of fun events are held each year to fund the operation of the Cowboy Museum.  Every year, hundreds of women attend the Cowgirl Luncheon.  There is also an annual dinner and auction held to benefit the museum.

Pictures of past rodeo participants are displayed in a glass case
To learn more about the museum and Oakdale, check out their website or visit their Facebook page.  They are always posting fun stuph on their page, and you can keep up with events they might be hosting.

Trinkets and gag gifts available for purchase in the Oakdale Cowboy Museum Gift Shop
I hope you enjoyed this virtual trip to the Oakdale Cowboy Museum.  Be sure to come back next week for another fun trip.

Items available for sale in the Oakdale Cowboy Museum Gift Shop including jam, jerky, and license plate borders


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