Freedom Friday- Conquering All Challenges

picture of a road lined by trees

This little journey has definitely been an interesting experience.  I am discovering things about myself that I never would have imagined.  I knew it would be a process, but I never imagined I would learn that there are certain foods that I really need to avoid because my system just does not react well to them.
food wrapped in foil on a barbecue grill

That's okay though- I am finding new foods that I thoroughly enjoy.  Just a couple of things I have incorporated into my diet are dried broad beans and chick peas.  I have always loved chick peas- or garbanzo beans- on my salads, but they are pretty good dried too.  Plus, you can get the broad beans and chick peas in different flavors- so, I don't really miss chips.

dishes of food on a table with a red tablecloth

I have rediscovered some of my old favorites too.  I love pickles and olives- both green and black.  I usually get the garlic stuphed green olives- so nummy.  I enjoy different types of nuts too- but not walnuts YUCK!  LOL.  And have you ever had Clamato?  YUM!!!  I especially like the picante Clamato.  And I still have my strawberry cheesecake Greek yogurt with granola each morning because it's just so good.

two people on a beach

I have continued to increase my activity.  Lately, I have been raking the yard- and Kevin and I are still taking our walks.  I have really been able to increase my walking distance over the months.  A couple of years ago, I was in a lot of pain and could not walk far at all.  I couldn't walk very fast and had to sit and rest every few minutes.  I used to have nightmares that I was stranded somewhere & had to walk miles to reach my destination.  Now I can walk for 45 minutes without a break- and I'm not talking a leisurely walk.  My heart rate is definitely up there.  I am so happy with my progress.

mountain covered in trees and clouds

So far, the psychological aspect has been pretty level- but I know the hills will come.  That is just part of this process.  I gained all of this weight as a result of psychological torment, so there will be some bumps along the way but I know I will conquer those challenges too.  For now, I will just keep progressing along this path.


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