Freedom Friday: I Reached My 50 Pound Weight Loss Goal- How I Did It

I finally reached my first big goal of losing 50 pounds.  I didn’t do it as quickly as I would have liked, but at least I did it.  That means I have lost 15% of my original body weight.  According to health specialists, losing 10% of your body weight can help to lower the possibility of heart disease issues.  It will also help to avert problems with the bones and joints.

When I finally got serious about getting rid of these extra pounds, I knew I needed to make some serious changes and live a healthy lifestyle.  I have been overweight most of my life, but when I started down this path of improving my health, I was heavier than I had ever been.  I thought it would be hard to change my eating habits but oddly it didn’t end up that way.  I have made some good choices over the past three months.  I am going to tell you about a few ways I have benefited from these changes.

a picture of me in front of an airport window wearing heart sunglasses

When I first started my healthy lifestyle my blood pressure and heart rate were high, and I was prediabetic.  I had difficulty walking very far.  I could only walk for about 10 or 15 minutes.  If I had to go up any stairs I felt like I was going to die by the time I got up to the top.  I was starting to have quite a bit of trouble reaching my feet to cut my toenails and I did not want to have to go to someone just to have them cut my toenails.  I was in the process of buying a ticket to diabetes, a possible stroke and heart disease.  I was not liking the view up ahead. 

My blood pressure and heart rate have come down into the normal ranges, I have exited the diabetes danger zone, and I no longer feel like passing out when I get to the top of the stairs.  My back is stronger, and I feel really good about what I have accomplished so far.  I am happy to say I can reach my toenails and clipped them just the other day.  It’s funny how the little things can be so meaningful and fulfilling under the right circumstances.

a selfie of me in long flowered shirt, leggings, cowboy boots, and heart sunglasses

I have never been a fan of fad diets and I knew I wanted to make drastic permanent changes to my eating habits.  I had the goal of having a good diet and exercise routine.  It has taken some time to figure out what works best for me.  I have had to tweak things several times when it comes to my food intake.  When I was on Weight Watchers, I lost a lot of my weight by eating the prepackaged meals—many of them from Weight Watchers or Healthy Choice. 

When I tried to eat these recently it did not go well.  I felt icky and my shoulder hurt.  I get migraines and they frequently start with pain in my shoulder.  I was able to pinpoint the culprit that caused the problem because I had been exercising great care in what I was eating and hadn’t had any shoulder pain for a while.  I got in a hurry and took a shortcut by eating one of these frozen meals and I did not like the results.  I found out very quickly that those are no longer an option for me.

cans of soup

I decided a few weeks in that I wanted to stop eating meat but then that meant I needed to find a protein replacement.  I figured since I was nuts, I would eat a variety of nuts.  That has worked out well.  I was eating lots of salads but now that the colder weather has arrived, I have switched to soups.  You can see a couple of my favorites above.  I love them because they are spicy.  I normally have yogurt with granola for breakfast so that helps out with the protein too.

I was still struggling to lose weight even with the adjusted eating habits and increased exercise so I decided to get a little crazy and try something I was resistant to previously.  My health coach had brought up intermittent fasting early on in my journey.  She wasn’t pushing the idea on me but I looked it up just to get up to speed on it.  I had heard of intermittent fasting before but wasn’t quite sure what all it entailed.  After checking it out I decided it wasn’t for me.  But then when I was struggling to reach my goals, I decided to try it.  My health coach was ecstatic.

me in front of a millstone in Canada

So…for the past few weeks I have been incorporating this habit into my adventure.  I stop eating each evening at 5:00 p.m. and don’t eat again until 9:00 a.m.  There are other modifications that can be made to this practice, but this seems to be working for me.  The only problem is a lot of times I don’t feel hungry and since I only have a certain amount of time to get all of my calories in this can be challenging.  Some days I feel like I am constantly eating during my chow hours.

I am about a third of the way through my weight reduction journey and then I will switch to maintenance.  My health coach brought up gastric bypass surgery during my first visit, but I let her know that is not really in my agenda.  You can learn more about my reasons in the video above.  She also brought up a newer diabetes medication that has apparently helped some people to lose weight.  I am also not interested in that at this point for the same reasons.  I am not saying that those options are completely off the table but right now they are up on a shelf.

me sitting on my Geo Tracker 25 years ago

My next big goal is to get to a total of 100 pounds lost by the end of the year.  I am not going to do anything radical, but I think if I keep doing the intermittent fasting and increase my activity level to an hour a day I will steamroll right along.  I am going to keep my calorie intake at the current level and try to get my water in (sigh).  Don’t forget to check back next week for an update.


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