Freedom Friday- Slow Weight Loss But At Least I'm Losing And Learning A Lot


me playing in the sand at the beach when I was 20
Soo...I forgot to get tracking sheets at my last appointment.  I tried a food tracking app but I am a paper person & the app I chose was not the best.  For one thing, it did not allow me to keep track of my protein intake.  Not only that, but I could not track other information that I wanted to.  I said last week that I was going to pay more attention to various vitamins and other nutrients to make sure I was getting everything I need.  That did not happen.

my senior picture from high school
One thing that did happen was my calories were all over the place.  Some days I only had between 600 & 700 calories.  Other days I had 1800 calories.  That only caused chaos for my system.  Imagine the rollercoaster ride that was going there.  Starvation- no wait, she ate- starvation AAAAAAAAAAA.  LOL.

me with my Geo Tracker 25 years ago
I only lost a pound but at least I lost, and I am happy that I am under 290 at this point.  I have my tracking sheets now, and I have noticed that I am NOT getting all of the nutrients I should be.  So, I will be making further adjustments there.  I really want to make healthy choices that will be lasting and permanent. 

me when I was 16
This has definitely been a major learning experience, figuring out what my body will tolerate and what it won't.  Finding out that there are certain foods that my system just does not react well to was certainly a surprise.  I know that things change as you get older, but I was not expecting that at all.  It is important to be in tune with what your body is telling you.

me next to my truck shoveling snow two years ago
I am happy to say that I am able to fit into clothes that I have not been able to wear for a while.  I look forward to dropping more sizes and being able to wear styles that I haven't been able to for quite some time. 


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