Kevin Pays It Forward

It is always nice to do something kind for someone else, and we often hear the expression "pay it forward."  Some may wonder, though, how they can pay it forward.  A lot of times when we hear this expression the first thing that comes to mind is somehow helping someone out financially.  But that doesn't have to be the case.  It doesn't always take a bunch of money to show kind assistance to another person.  Sometimes, it doesn't take any at all.

There are people all over the world who have a share in paying it forward.  It has been happening in restaurants and coffee shops all over the place.  It doesn't take much to help someone out and spread a little joy.  A little generosity can go a long way.  Kevin and I were able to do a little giving this week.  This isn't the first time we have participated in giving.  We do so on a regular basis- but this occasion was just a little more special- at least to us.


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