Riverside Museum Field Trip

I never planned to go to the Riverside Museum in Riverside, California.  In 2016 I broke my ankle and that little fiasco caused some glitches in activities I had planned for that year.  So, I ended up taking a little road trip from Fort Bragg, California, to Ontario, California to accomplish one of the things I had planned for that summer.

When I got to Riverside, I started wandering around aimlessly- something I have learned to do quite well.  I ended up in a busy part of town near a college.  It was actually a pretty interesting place.  I found the museum there and decided to go in.  Unfortunately, the museum is closed indefinitely right now- but the good news is I took a lot of pictures, so you can take a virtual tour here.

The Riverside Museum was originally open in the basement of the city hall at the end of 1924 when an impressive donation of Native American artifacts were donated by a local resident to the city.  In 1948, the museum was moved to its current location, which was previously the post office.

The museum hosts an assortment of school programs and other events.  One of the main features is a hands-on nature lab where visitors can learn about living bugs, plants, and animals.  There are also a variety of exhibits to include natural history and cultural sections.

Just a few of the things I saw were animals, clothing, fossils, legal documents, and more.  You can keep up with activities of the museum at their Facebook page.  In the meantime, check out my pictures below.


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