Ten Ways To Improve Your Mental, Emotional, And Physical Health

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Many people have been stressed out to the max for quite some time because of this pandemic.  Some people seem to be completely losing their minds.  There has been a lot of death and isolation over the past year and a half.  Those two issues alone can cause a lot of mental and emotional anguish.  Add all of the chaos that has been going on and it compounds the issue.  Since October is Emotional Wellness Month, I wanted to address this issue.

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Good emotional and mental status is crucial if a person is going to be able to maneuver through life’s challenges successfully.  I learned the hard way that poor mental or emotional health can affect physical health.  If mental or emotional health is compromised, coping skills are hampered.  Pain can develop in the form of headaches, back pain, chest pain, and other forms of pain.  Nausea can occur because of anxiety and agitation.  The ability to think straight can become extremely difficult.

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I know how difficult it can be to dig out of a situation that is causing poor mental or emotional health, so I wanted to publish something that will help others find their way out of the trap.  Here are ten ways you can start improving your mental, emotional, and physical health today.

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1. Get enough rest.  That can be easier said than done, but sufficient rest is important so that the body can work properly.  So many bodily functions are affected by lack of sleep its not funny.  Sleep deficiency can affect the body’s ability to process food properly.  This can result in weight gain, diabetes, and other illnesses.  Not getting adequate sleep can even lead to stroke or heart disease.  Keeping a good sleep schedule and exercising good sleep hygiene is a must in order to maintain good overall health.

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2. A
healthy balanced diet not only provides the nutrients we need but it keeps our brains working properly too.  Eating fast food or snack foods like chips and granola bars all of the time is going to result in mood swings and brain fog.  Eating on the run all of the time and not taking in enough of the proper nutrients will cause a person to feel drained and unhappy.  Keep healthy snacks like fruit or nuts handy and try to incorporate more salads into your meals.  They help to provide the vitamins and nutrients that are needed to make the body function smoothly and they promote a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

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3. Drink plenty of water.  This is a hard one for me.  I struggle with it constantly because I hate water.  The fact is a large part of the body is water.  Water is essential for our bodies to work correctly—in fact, we can even die if we don’t get enough water.  Try to keep water handy to sip on throughout the day.  Another good way to get water in is to drink a cupful either before or during a meal.  You could also drink a cup first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything else.  Doing this will help you feel better and you may just find that you can think clearer too.

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4. Get a little exercise.  You may be thinking- RIGHT- with my busy schedule there’s just no way.  However, lack of physical activity can take a big toll on a person's  health.  I’m not saying you have to do an intense workout for an hour each day.  Just taking a brief walk can make a huge difference in your physical health as well as your emotional and mental health.  Maybe you could take a ten minute walk in the morning while you are checking the messages on your phone or scrolling through social media.  Another time to go for a short walk could be during your lunch.  Even if you typically eat at your desk, you could go for a little jaunt after you eat.  Actually, getting up and moving around for a few minutes each hour is strongly encouraged by experts.

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5. Spend some time communicating with others—and not just on social media.  Social media can even leave a person feeling more alone and isolated.  You don’t have to give up those things, but it is important to have some meaningful interaction with others.  That has been challenging during the pandemic, but Zoom has really helped with that problem.  Give a friend a call, face time with a relative, or have a Zoom activity night.  The great thing about Zoom is you can have as many people as you want from all over the country join in and do something fun. 

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6. Do something kind.  Send someone a card or some flowers.  Do an errand for an older person who can’t get around very well—or is afraid to go out because of COVID.  Open a door for someone.  It doesn’t have to be a huge thing.  It’s just nice to show kindness to another person—and it makes you feel pretty good to.  Here’s an idea.  Next time you have to go buy stamps get the breast cancer or PTSD stamps.  They cost just a little extra and it helps out people who are suffering in some way.

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7. Pray or read the Bible.  You would be surprised at how much this will help you.  Praying can relieve stress and give a person peace of mind.  There are an abundance of scriptures in the Bible that can be comforting and uplifting.  Many of them can be found in the Bible book of Psalms.  I have several friends and relatives that I text a Bible verse to each day to help them get through the challenges life throws at them.  If you would like me to send you verses to make it easier for you to do this step, send me a private message on my Facebook page and I would be happy to help you out with that.

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8. Work on eliminating negative thoughts.  Whether those thoughts are about how horrible your job is, someone you don’t like, or something you don’t like about yourself—STOP IT.  Negative thoughts breed more negativity and that brings the mood and morale down.  Next time somebody annoys you and you start thinking badly about them stop and try to think of one of their good qualities.  Everyone has faults and it is beneficial for everyone involved if we can just let little irritations go.  If it’s your job that’s the problem, try to think about one aspect that brings you a measure of joy and satisfaction.  Even something small can help to improve the thought process and subsequently your mental and emotional health.

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9. Surround yourself with positivity.  This can help with number 8 as well.  Buy a calendar with inspirational sayings.  Set your phone to give you a positive thought once a day.  Decorate with brighter colors.  One thing that I do is frame positive thoughts and Bible scriptures and hang them on my walls.  I also have a picture of someone very special to me hanging right where I will see it every time I look up from the computer.  I feel happy every time I see it.  Little things like this can really promote mental and emotional health.

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10. Reach out for help if necessary.  We all have that one friend or relative that we can reach out to when we feel like we just can’t take anymore.  Don’t be afraid to let someone know you are struggling.  We all have those moments.  We are all human and need help once in a while.  Sometimes, we even need to talk to someone who has been trained to help others.  This is a treacherous world, and we all have stuph.  Each and every one of us has been through something monumental—some of us more than once.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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If you work on these ten little tasks you will find that your mental, emotional, and physical health will improve.  You will start to feel better, and you might even help those around you feel a little better too.  If you think someone else can benefit from this information, be sure to share it with them.  You can count that as one of your acts of kindness.  Be sure to be good to yourself because life is an adventure.


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