Turtles And Froggies And Mice - OH MY!

Story title: Hardhat and His Friends

When I was in junior high I had an assignment to write a book.  I don't remember the grade I got on this assignment but I know I had fun doing it.  It is a story about the pets my brother and I had at the time.  This project really made me fall in love with writing.  It was many years before I wrote anything else substantial, but I finally did it.

My second book was quite the accident.  I had blocked out traumatic memories for years and they finally caught up with me.  I was going through counseling and sat down one day to write a short story.  I wrote a little more the next day and a little more the day after that.  One day, I finally decided I was finished.  I looked at my stack of papers and realized I had just written a book.  I was flabbergasted.  I titled it Goodnight Beau.

I hope you liked this little story.  Be sure to check out my other books on Amazon.


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