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Why Would I Take This Little Bunny That I Didn't Want?

Image you can see from the video above, there is a new addition to the family.  This definitely was NOT a planned addition, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  This poor, sweet little baby really shouldn't be away from its mama yet but there's nothin' that can be done about that at this point.  He is eating well and already gaining weight, so he will be alright.  This whole situation just reinforces what I said in the article I wrote last month about knowing what you are getting into before getting a bunny- or any other animal for that matter.  Anyway- Scooter Pie will be part of our lives from here on out. As I mentioned in the video, I have set up a gofundme page for anyone who would like to contribute to the awesome adventures of these rescue bunnies.  I will leave it up for about a month just in case there are kindhearted people out there who love to help out with things like this.  Be sure to check back for posts about our future adventures- and

Chillin' In Cloverdale, California

Cloverdale is a tiny little town in Northern California about an hour and a half north of San Francisco.  The area was the site of a stagecoach stop in the late 1800s and currently has a population of just under 9,000.  Cloverdale's main attraction is the many wineries int the area, although there are some cute little shops run by local artisans. The main reason I stopped in Cloverdale was to check out the art sculpture display that is a joint effort of Cloverdale and its sister town, Geyserville.  I posted an article featuring the sculptures there not long ago.  I found my time in Cloverdale rather enjoyable.  It was peaceful and the surroundings were relaxing.  It is easy to enter the town, carry out touristy activities, and head out on the opposite end of town.  I highly recommend checking it out if you are ever passing through.

Freedom Friday- Seeing Results of All My Hard Work

It has been five months since I started this journey and I am really liking the results of my efforts.  As you can see from the picture above, my pants are really getting baggy.  These pants used to be fairly snug.  Now they are literally about to fall off.  I have to keep pulling them up.   It has not always been a smooth process.   There have been frustrating moments as I have learned about what works best for me but it has all been worth it.  I still have a long way to go but I am almost at a 60-pound total weight loss.  I have been walking more and doing yard work.  For a while it was raking leaves but now it is shoveling snow- and I'm loving it.  I am going to have another special post soon about goals and rewards, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Surviving Abusive Relationships- Part Ten

Epilogue Even though it was difficult for me to write certain portions of this particular project, I felt it was extremely important for me to do so.   Enduring abuse is extremely difficult.   Admitting that you are a victim of abuse can be even harder—especially if you love the abuser.   If we are to be completely honest, it has to be admitted that the victim loves the abuser in one way or another.   The abuser may be a parent, grandparent, or other relative.   The abuser might be a significant other.   An abuser may even be a close friend.   In any case, the abusive behavior is NOT acceptable.   The abused individual must get help or the abuse will not stop.   This will lead to decreased self-esteem, detachment, depression, and possibly worse.   The abused individual may not even realize initially that they are in such a relationship.   But when they do become aware that this is what is occurring, it is imperative that the one being abused get help.   I am making a plea with all

Surviving Abusive Relationships- Part Nine

The Bomb Early one morning, I received a text from a friend who was helping my husband with various tasks.   The friend asked me if I had received any mail at my post office box for my husband.   I replied that I had not.   A couple of hours later, I received another text from this friend.   He told me that my husband had said that I took his name off of the post office box so he could not get mail.   I replied that his name had never been on the records.   When I went to check the mail, I noticed that a note had been placed on the inside of the box for the delivery people.   I took the note to the desk and asked about it.   The postal worker said that my husband had called the post office and put a hold on his mail so they would not put it in the box.   I was completely confused.   I could not understand why he would tell our friend that I had removed his name from the box and was keeping his mail from him and tell an official that he wanted his mail held.   He was harassing me t

Surviving Abusive Relationships- Part Eight

The Hiccup It was the day before I was to move to my true home.   I had known I belonged there since the first time I went when I was 12 years old.   I was getting things packed up and handling last-minute business.   My cell phone rang.   It was him.   He had gotten a refund check in the mail for $10.00 from AT&T.   He wanted me to come sign it over to him.   I didn’t care about the pitiful check.   I told him I would stop by on my way out of town the next day.   I mainly wanted to do this to make a point.   I could have told him to get a life and let the check end up in the garbage can.   I wanted to prove that I was better than that—that I was not like him. So, the next day, truck loaded up, I drove to the dungeon I had fled.   I walked in and signed the check.   He then told me he wanted to work things out.   I was leaving.   I was going home.   But I still loved him.   I said I would consider it but there were certain conditions that would have to be met.   One of the big

Surviving Abusive Relationships- Part Seven

The Escape Things were escalating.   I was becoming stronger and more self-confident.   The monster worked ever harder to keep me in the hole.   The tension was mounting.   It was only a matter of time before the volcano erupted.   Then, it finally happened.   I had been out of work for a while.   I had applied for several jobs.   Basically, I threw all of the options up into the air and waited to see which one dropped back in my lap.   I was offered an interview at the hospital in Fort Bragg.   Of course, I didn’t hesitate to accept.   Nothing ever transpired from my other options. I was fairly confident that I would get the job in Fort Bragg and had decided that I would try to wait it out.   I would stay with the monster until I got the job, and then I would move to Fort Bragg alone and escape the horrid nightmare.   I scheduled my interview for May 20, 2014.   I was feeling a little better each day.   I knew that one way or another my day of deliverance was near.   I went to

Surviving Abusive Relationships- Part Six

Enduring the Darkness      I was home.   It did not feel like home.   Home is supposed to be a haven where one can escape and experience love, peace, and comfort.   I felt none of that.   My life was in no way happy, serene, or comfortable.   My identity, self-esteem, and value were being shredded away.   I was sinking ever deeper into the center of the vortex. My next challenge would come from being the parent of a teenage girl.   I would have risen to the challenge much better had it not been for the monster in my dungeon.   My brain was scrambled more and more until it became mush.   I had no clue I was walking around with mush inside my head.   Then one day I snapped.   I told my 15-year-old daughter to leave the house.   I never thought I would be a parent who kicked her child out.   I knew from a very young age that I wanted children.   Yet, when your brain and very identity are being pummeled into nonexistence you end up doing things you would never imagine you are capable

What Is So Confusing About Confusion Hill?

Confusion Hill is a bizarre little tourist attraction located about an hour south of Eureka, California.  Established in 1949, the family-oriented oddity has all kinds of interesting anomalies for visitors to enjoy.  One factor that makes Confusion Hill especially enjoyable is that it is situated smack dab in the middle of the Northern California Redwoods.  In fact, one of the site’s Redwoods has been listed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not as the World’s Tallest Free Standing Redwood Chainsaw Carving. At the entrance of the park stands a house shaped like a shoe.   There is also a carving of a mountain lion on a Redwood Tree and a tsunami evacuation route posted on another.   The incessant use of signs within the park not only help visitors find their way but help them to understand what is going on—sort of.   Some things just can’t be explained. One of the main attractions is the Gravity House.   This rickety old building seems to defy gravity.   Several displays and activities hel

Surviving Abusive Relationships- Part Five

The Crash   My former step-dad had died shortly before I found out about my brother— I had never had a chance to confront the first abuser.  Now, I had confirmation of abuse by my dad and he had been dead for years.  I had no closure from anywhere.  My husband was still of no help.  He only made things worse.  I was being sucked ever further into the vortex.  I was crying all of the time.  I was distraught.  I fought to claw myself out of the hole I was in—for a while. At some point, I stopped crying.   I just lost that emotion.   I don’t know where it went but it was gone.   I had spent many years building my faith in God and forming a relationship with Him.   Shortly after I stopped crying I stopped praying.   I just didn’t have it in me anymore.   I sunk ever deeper.   I became numb.   Meanwhile, the verbal barrages from my husband continued.   My mother continued to meddle.   Had I realized what was going on, that I was the target of yet another abusive tyrant, I may have been