Chillin' In Cloverdale, California

building with art sculpture in front of it

Cloverdale is a tiny little town in Northern California about an hour and a half north of San Francisco.  The area was the site of a stagecoach stop in the late 1800s and currently has a population of just under 9,000.  Cloverdale's main attraction is the many wineries int the area, although there are some cute little shops run by local artisans.

The main reason I stopped in Cloverdale was to check out the art sculpture display that is a joint effort of Cloverdale and its sister town, Geyserville.  I posted an article featuring the sculptures there not long ago.  I found my time in Cloverdale rather enjoyable.  It was peaceful and the surroundings were relaxing.  It is easy to enter the town, carry out touristy activities, and head out on the opposite end of town.  I highly recommend checking it out if you are ever passing through.


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