Five Reasons I Love To Write for I Love To Write Day

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Since it is I Love to Write Day, I thought I would share with you five reasons that I like to write.  Many people enjoy writing for one reason or another.  Maybe you have thought about doing some writing yourself.  If you have, maybe reading this post will help you to make the move to dive in and start your writing adventure.  Who knows?  Maybe you will even start your own blog.

*I love providing people with information

Since I can remember, I have loved to be the one telling people about some new product that is out or things I heard in the news.  I have always liked finding out unique little trivia tidbits that I could share with my friends and family.  One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was listen to Casey Kasem because he always told interesting stories about songs and the singers.  Okay okay—I still listen to Casey Kasem reruns LOL.

*It helps me sort out my thoughts

Sometimes, my adventure can get a little cracray.  When it does, it can be helpful to do a little writing.  It might be a short story.  It might be a list or just random words scattered about on the page.  It might be a book that I accidentally wrote LOL.  It just helps to get words onto a piece of paper and see things in black and white.  Maybe this process helps you to get through tough situations or make tough decisions as well.  If you haven’t tried it yet, maybe give it a shot.  You don’t even have to show your writing to anyone.  It’s just for you.

*I like to entertain others

I thoroughly enjoy telling the story.  The problem is, I get lost.  I may start out by explaining how I overcame my fear of jumping off of a pier—but as I get part way through the story, I tell the side story of how the boy sitting on the pier was picking his nose.  Or I might explain that there were girls having a dance party in bikinis and cowboy hats.  I love getting the entire ambiance of the occasion into the story.

*It’s like therapy

Writing really helps me sort out my thoughts and emotions.  I discovered this when I accidentally wrote Goodnight Beau.  I was going through counseling for my abusive childhood, and I decided to sit down and write a short story one day.  The next day I added to the story.  This happened day after day and the day I finally decided it was done I realized I had written a book.  It was one of the weirdest things I have ever experienced.

*I like to help others

If I can help someone learn something, understand why something happened, or get through a tough situation I’m happy.  It can be difficult to deal with a certain situation and finding just the right information can be invaluable.  If I can provide that information—great.  I don’t even have to know that I helped someone.  The important thing is that a person gets the help they need.  That is one reason I publish personal experiences on this blog.  It’s not always easy to share certain information but if it helps someone it’s worth it.

Several years ago, I published a book entitled Surviving Abusive Relationships.  It is for sale on Amazon, but since the main reason I wrote it was to help others I am going to spend this week sharing it with all of you.  Each day I will upload a portion of the book until the entire book is on my blog.  It is my hope that it will help many people—but even one person would be enough.


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