Five Things You Really Oughta Know About Geyserville, California

big red barn

Geyserville, California, is a tiny little town in Northern California.  It is so tiny that you could drive right past it and not even know it is there.  It is hard to believe that 862 people live there.  It’s kind of a cool place though, so if you are ever in the area, you really should stop and check it out.  There are some pretty interesting things to do and see in Geyserville.  Here are five of them.

big metal sculpture of a man running

1. The first thing you will see, no matter which end of town you enter from, are sculptures created by local artists.  They come up with some interesting things.  A favorite of locals and tourists alike are the running men.  I have to say that I thought they were pretty cool the first time I saw them.  A contest is held every year and the winners get to have their work displayed throughout the town.  Geyserville sure has some creative and imaginative residents.  If you like art sculptures, you should check out my post about Cloverdale.

2. You can check out some old-fashioned Wild West storefronts.  The business part of town is all of two blocks, but it is an interesting little place.  They have a hardware store, vintage shop, and convenience store.  If you’re hungry, there is a coffee shop, pizzeria, and a couple of restaurants.  Many people visit Geyserville for the wineries.  If that is your thing, you might want to check them out.  I hear they are pretty good.

Picture of the old Hope-Merrill House

3. There are some pretty neat places to stay too.  When I went through, I stayed at a really cool place called the Hope-Merrill House.  Going into this house felt like traveling back in time.  Unfortunately, the house was sold a few months ago and all of the furnishings were sold.  I published a post about it, so if you want to learn more about the former bed and breakfast and see pictures be sure to check it out.  There are a couple of pretty cool ranches to stay at though.  You can get more information about these resorts at the Geyserville website.

tree next to a vineyard

4. The area is really beautiful.  It is the perfect place to take a scenic drive.  There are miles of vineyards all around the town.  You can even visit some of them for wine tasting.  It’s funny because I never really cared for driving around looking at vineyards, but after I had run all over the country and returned to California, I thoroughly enjoyed driving those roads.  They are actually quite beautiful.  I guess it’s all about perspective.

trees and vineyard along the highway

5. There are always a lot of activities in this tiny little town.  If you like biking or hiking, you will have the time of your life there because there are many trails.  Frequent live music events are held and many of the residents like to drive their classic cars around just for fun.  In the spring, the area is filled with beautiful flowers.  It is the perfect place for a quiet getaway.


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