Freedom Friday- Seeing Results of All My Hard Work


It has been five months since I started this journey and I am really liking the results of my efforts.  As you can see from the picture above, my pants are really getting baggy.  These pants used to be fairly snug.  Now they are literally about to fall off.  I have to keep pulling them up.  
my current weight 275 pounds

It has not always been a smooth process.   There have been frustrating moments as I have learned about what works best for me but it has all been worth it.  I still have a long way to go but I am almost at a 60-pound total weight loss.  I have been walking more and doing yard work.  For a while it was raking leaves but now it is shoveling snow- and I'm loving it.  I am going to have another special post soon about goals and rewards, so be sure to keep an eye out.


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