It's Look For Circles Day- Here Are 10 Ways Circles Enrich Your Life

items that are circular lids tape dispenser and other things

Since it’s look for circles day, I thought I would publish a post about circles.  You may be wondering why you should care about circles.  The fact is, circles play a big part in our lives.  You may be surprised to find out just how many circles you encounter during a typical day.  Well, read on and I will tell you about 10 ways circles affect your life. 

1. From the moment you wake up in the morning you encounter circles.  Your clock may be the shape of a circle.  The top of a coffee cup is a circle.  Could you imagine trying to drink out of a cup shaped like a square, triangle, or oval.  That might get pretty messy—and frustrating.  The lids to many coffee containers—and other food and beverage containers—are circles. 

a tire

2. When you walk out the door to head to school or work you may have to turn a circular door handle.  If you look back at the keyhole as you leave you will notice that is likely surrounded by a circle as well.  The tires, rims, and hubcaps on your vehicle are all circles.  So are the headlights and the knobs on the radio.  Look at the gauges and they are probably encompassed by circles. 

3. As you drive down the road you will come across many more circles.  Most of us don’t pay too much attention but the sun is a circle—just don’t look right at it to check.  You might get blinded and miss seeing that circular round-a-bout up ahead.  Many street signs have borders that are circles.  You may observe some store windows that are circles.  Stoplights have three circles—red, yellow, and green.

car radio

4. Sitting at your desk at work you come across even more circles.  The tape dispenser actually depends on a circle in order to function properly.  Your pen or pencil includes a circle too.  Some scissors incorporate circles to put the round tips of your fingers through.  Some thumb drives have a round end that can be attached to a round keyring.  And some of those keys on that ring might have round tops as well.  Speaking of rings—there is likely a circle around at least one of your fingers.  And don’t forget about that emoji you just sent in that last text or email.

5. Lunch Time!  Those olives in that salad you are eating are lying on a circle.  That grape you just popped in your mouth is a circle.  Or maybe you opted for a bran muffin.  Yup, that’s a circle too.  And every time you take a drink of your beverage you put your hand around a circle.  The clock or watch you just checked the time on may be a circle.  That cookie you got for dessert is in the shape of a circle.  When you go to put your dishes on that cart to be cleaned you might notice it has wheels—circles again.

medicine bottles

6. Finally!  Time to go home.  If you live in a city you may have to maneuver through expressways and use on and off ramps.  Have you ever noticed that some of those ramps are shaped like circles?  Why do they do make them like that.  Well, if they used a straight or curved ramp it would have to be an extreeeemely long ramp.  That would not be practical and probably not safe.  It is more logical and efficient to create a circular ramp.

7. Gotta stop at the store on the way home.  What do you see when you walk in?  Circles.  Apples, oranges, grapefruits.  Circles are all through the store.  Those donut holes you picked up to put in your daughter’s lunch are circles.  The tomatoes you are buying to make fresh salsa are circles too—at least for now.  Coconuts, Brussel sprouts, and rice cakes are all circles.  Many scales that are found in produce sections of grocery stores are circles.

circular fake flowers

8. At last, you make it home.  As you walk in the door, you notice your son is playing his favorite video game.  That crazy little hedgehog just rolled itself into a circle and hurled itself at its opponent.  Your daughter is throwing the dog’s ball – another circle.  You head into the kitchen and notice the frying pan sitting on top of the stove—circle.  Your gaze lowers just a little and you see the stove knobs are circles.  Even the pattern on the floor tile is circles. 

9. Time to eat dinner.  You have been looking forward to that roast all day long.  You go to the crock pot to take it out – OH NO! Not another circle LOL.  As you sit around the table with your family – no, don’t worry, this one’s a rectangle—you look down and notice the round slices of carrots and pearl onions.  Oh yeah, and the roll is round too.  Then there is the pie sitting in the middle of the table just waiting to be cut.

truck lights

10. You put the last spoon into the dishwasher—almost a circle but it didn’t quite make it.  You head to the bathroom to brush your teeth.  You look in the mirror and see those circle age spots and the circles under your eyes.  Okay—they are not technically circles but that’s what we call them.  However, the pupils in your eyes ARE circles.  In fact, the entire eye is a circle.  You grab the round jar of cold cream to continue your vain attempts to eradicate these unsightly blemishes.  As you turn to leave the bathroom your eye catches the toilet seat—another circle.

So, as you can see circles are here to stay.  We quite literally can’t live without them.  If we eliminated just one of the circles mentioned in this post—the tires—it sure would make life a lot more difficult.  By the way, I wonder how many circles are in this post—Os are circles too.  Don’t begrudge the circles.  They are your friends.  They get you through the day and make your life a whole lot better.  😊


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