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A few years ago, I wrote a short story.  I want to share it with you.  It is based on true events.  I'm not namin' names but I know this person very, very well

            Struggling to her feet, she quickly looked around.  Had anyone seen?  No one appeared to notice her.  But people had to have seen her, they had to go around her.  How could she have been so stupid.  She knew better than to go so fast.  Slowly, she made her way off of the skating rink holding her wrist.  She skated over to a bench and sat down.

            She examined her wrist.  No signs of injury yet, other than the pain.  It had hurt so bad she could hardly see.  She almost was not able to get up, having arthritis in the other wrist and having landed on this one.  She was so embarrassed.  It had almost been to the point she thought someone would have to come pick her up off of the floor.  Somehow, she had managed to fly up to a standing position.  She had gone way too fast around that corner.  She knew when she entered it, but she just sped up even more.  Stupid.

            Well, she would skate no more tonight.  If it wasn’t broken, she did not want to take the chance of breaking it if she happened to pull another stupid stunt.  Tonight she would just spend the rest of the evening listening to the music and talking with her friends.  She would not tell any of them what happened.  If they had not seen her, she did not want them to know how silly she could be.

            The next morning she examined her wrist.  It was swollen and black and blue.  She could move it, but it was surely broken.  She drove to Sadie’s house.

            “Check this out,” she held up her arm so Sadie could see.

            “How in the world did you do that?” Sadie asked wide-eyed.

            “Skating last night, she replied.

            “You had better go to the doctor and have that checked,” Sadie chided.

            “No, it will be all right.  It’s probably just a hairline fracture,” she said.

            Sadie rolled her eyes and shook her head. 


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