When Pizza Hut Sends You An Email Asking You To Rate Your Experience...

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Soooo…I decided to eat at Pizza Hut the other night.  I opened the app and found a deal for a three topping pizza for $10.  I picked my toppings and submitted my order.  I ran into the grocery store to grab a couple of things and then headed over to Pizza Hut.  They wanted to charge me $14.  I told them about the deal and showed the girl the app.  She said that didn’t apply to them.  Well then PIZZA HUT why is it showing up in the app for the store in my area?  Pizza Hut doesn’t really care if I’m unsatisfied anyway.  I submitted a complaint to them not all that long ago and they never even responded.

For years, Round Table was my favorite pizza place.  Then I tried Pizza Hut and just loved their crust, so they won out over Round Table.  But recently Pizza Hut has made some changes and their crust is not as good.  So, now Round Table is starting to gain first place again—and their garlic twists are pretty nummy too.  But to be honest, if I had the chance I would rather fly to New York for pizza.  Anywho—I digress.

Do I Have Sufficient Grounds To Take Action?

There is not really anything I can do about the bait and switch that Pizza Hut did.  They have the right to make up any rules they want, I guess—and I wouldn’t bother anyway even if there was.  It’s not worth making a ruckus over a few measly dollars.  But there have been times when a business tried to rip me off and I had to deal with the issue.  I am generally a nice person, but when I don’t receive merchandise or a service I have paid for I tend to get a little cranky.

Have you ever had a problem with a business and didn’t know how to go about resolving it?  Let’s face it—it’s happened to just about all of us in some aspect.  You ordered something online and when it arrived it was broken or all the parts weren’t in the box.  You ordered a non-physical service like phone, internet, or cable and did not get what you paid for.  If you want to be heard as a consumer you must first have a voice.  So, you must speak up.  If you are dissatisfied with a product or service, let the business know. 

How To Handle Business Interactions In A Tactful Way

On the other hand, don’t hesitate to say when you are happy with services too.  Positive reinforcement usually gets better results than negative reinforcement, so give a pat on the back when it is deserved.  A few words of commendation can go a long way.  It will make the merchant feel good that they are appreciated.  That will lead to them being happy and can lead to better service in the future.

In either case, the first step to take is to talk directly to the person you initially had contact with.  For instance, if you are in a department store shopping and encounter a problem, let the salesperson know.  Be firm yet tactful.  If this person does not resolve the issue, ask to talk to a manager or supervisor.  Whether you are dealing with such an issue in person or over the phone, remember that it is illegal for individuals to refuse to allow you to speak to a manager.

How Do I Escalate A Complaint

If you are not able to get the matter resolved in a satisfactory manner, you may then need to go to the corporate office or other authoritative organization.  For example, if you are having problems with your landline phone or cellular phone carrier you would contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Another public entity you may need to utilize depending on your situation is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  If you are unsure of who to contact, you can do a general online search for consumer rights.  If you still cannot determine who to contact, start with an organization you feel may be able to help you.  Many times, if it is not the correct agency they will tell you who you need to contact.

You can notify the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but don’t rely just on them.  ABC news did a story in 2010 about the BBB giving better ratings to businesses that paid more money to the BBB.  You may still be able to get some help from the BBB, but you shouldn’t rely solely on them because their actions have been shady in the past.

Can I Get A Free Hotel Room If I Complain?

Case in point is the example of a couple who went on an overnight out of town trip.  They stayed in a hotel that ended up being a disgusting nightmare.  There was mold on the walls, stains on the sheets, and exposed frayed wires, just to mention a few of the disturbing details.  They notified the hotel staff of the conditions of the room. 

Then, when they got home, they drew up a letter highlighting the problems and demanding a refund for the hotel stay.  They faxed it to the hotel and the corporate office.  Since some of the issues were health and safety hazards, they notified the local health department, public works, and District Attorney’s office.  It took a couple of weeks, but the couple got a refund for the hotel stay.

Complain Without Being Rude

The main thing to remember is to be persistent.  Again, be firm but calm and tactful.  Results are better achieved by a calmer individual.  Hotheads who yell and swear often receive less favorable results because the business person does not want to cooperate with such a person.  Many companies have become lax in providing good customer service.  If consumers are going to get the products and services they deserve, they must force the companies to provide it.  It’s sad but it’s true.

Don’t give up on getting your money’s worth but be a good customer too.  While some issues are a result of poor service by the business some situations are out of the business owners control.  During this pandemic it is wise to take a moment and think about the whole picture.  Many businesses are not able to get products delivered and many shelves are bare.  This can be frustrating to you as a customer but remember that it is a frustration to the business owner too.

Business owners generally want to keep their customers as happy as possible because it means customers keep coming back.  So, may business owners will go out of their way to keep those customers returning.  And remember that the business owner is there to make money.  They have to live too—they have bills.  If they can’t get products in they can’t sell those products and they can’t make money to pay their bills.  It is all a cycle and we are all in this together.  So, before you complain make sure it’s merited—and then take them to the mat if necessary.


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