Freedom Friday- How to Succeed at Weight Loss- Or Any Other Goal You Might Have

I have been sharing a lot of information over the past few months about my healthier lifestyle adventure.  Much of it has been very specific to my circumstances and personal.  I hope that it has been helpful for others to read about my experiences.  While I am no expert in the area of health and fitness, I have found that hearing about the challenges and successes of others sometimes helps me to accomplish certain tasks that I take on.  Maybe others will find my posts helpful too.   

One thing that I know about myself is that if I am going to succeed at this, I have to be determined to accomplish my goals and committed to see it through.  I knew that when I started this little journey I had to be completely in it and totally ready and willing to stay in it until the end.  I had to really want to do this and reach my end goal.  There is no jumping overboard in the middle of this journey. 

It is good to have an ultimate goal.  Mine is to live a healthier lifestyle and get down to 140 pounds.  While having an end-goal is important, focusing on that monumental goal could get frustrating if things are not happening as quickly as I would like—and that has definitely been happening on a regular basis.  Having smaller goals are just as important as having a bigger final goal.  

Sometimes, you have to tweak those smaller goals.  I started out this journey wanting to lose 5 pounds a week for the first few months.  Because of the learning curve that I have experienced over the past five months, I have adjusted my expectations to simply losing weight each week.  If I lose a pound—great, if I lose 7—even better.  The important thing to me at this point is to lose some weight each week.  That will help me to have better health. 

In my video above, I mentioned some helpful tips that can enable individuals to reach healthy lifestyle goals.  Those tips can be found at the Mayo Clinic website.  They include things that I have been doing such as choosing more nutritious foods and increasing my activity level.  You can find more of my experiences in my past Freedom Friday posts. 

I will continue to share my experiences and things that I learn on this portion of my adventure.  Hopefully, my posts will help you to figure out how you can achieve your goals—or maybe you will get ideas on how you can help someone else reach their goals.


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