Freedom Friday- How Can I Improve My Health?

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I have been sharing my healthier lifestyle journey for quite some time now.  One of my main objectives right now is getting rid of all of this extra weight.  But it is about more than that.  I want to live a healthier lifestyle.  If my main focus was weight loss, I would likely be able to lose a substantial amount of weight—but fad diets that can eliminate a lot of weight quickly are really not the best solution.  You may have made that discovery yourself as well.

It is very important to provide the body with the appropriate nutrients in order for it to function properly.  I have said many times in my posts that I am in no way an expert in diet and nutrition.  I have taken classes in the past and attended Weight Watchers.  I got my Respiratory Therapy license in 1995, but that does not make me a specialist in the matter of nutrition or weight management. 

I feel it is crucial to seek out someone who is qualified to help monitor and adjust the plan.  If I had not done this, I would not have had the success I have so far.  I posted a YouTube video over four years ago expressing my determination to live a healthier lifestyle.  It was not until just a few months ago that I began to have success.  If you are serious about losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle, the first step you need to take is to find a person who can help you figure out how to reach your goals.

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One of the biggest factors involved in these endeavors is eating the proper foods—and not making unhealthy choices.  There is really a lot to this, but one huge rule that I feel everyone who wants to lose weight should have is—if it’s not worth it, it’s not going in my mouth.  Candy is everywhere—all of the time—but really good homemade fudge isn’t. 

My point is— most candy that we come across every day is really just mediocre if you really think about it.  Just mindlessly shoving this junk in our mouths is not helping us or giving us any real sort of satisfaction.  But if grandma makes her delectable secret-recipe fudge or we take a vacation and come across a gourmet candy shop it may be worth it to have a little.  There’s nothing wrong with having a little treat once in a while but it is not good to make it a regular habit.

Another big factor that is included in a healthy lifestyle is activity.  Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity each day.  Now this does not mean you have to go out and join a gym or get involved in an extreme mud pit competition.  Even just a brisk walk can help to get a person into better shape.  There are a lot of ways that exercise can be incorporated into the day.  I have used a variety of different types of activity to get my exercise in.

Kevin the bunny in his stroller

Of course, I have taken Kevin for lots of walks, but now that the really cold weather has arrived, I haven’t wanted to take him out as much.  So, I have turned to more traditional types of activity.  It used to be that people got quite a bit of activity with normal daily activities.  Many people in the past have been farmers, shepherds, and the like—without the luxury of using modern day machinery. 

That type of work took a lot of physical effort.  I wanted to implement this type of thing into my “workouts” so I started with raking leaves—with an actual rake and not a leaf blower.  Now that the snow has come, I am doing a lot of snow clearing.  I say clearing because, although I do use a shovel, I do a large part of the clearing using a big push broom.  And I don’t just clear out the minimal amount of area that is needed to complete daily tasks.  I clear large sections of my yard so that I can get an adequate amount of activity in.  Can you think of some out of the ordinary ways to get exercise?


If you don’t have a yard to do such chores in, is there a friend or neighbor that you could help out?  Maybe you know an older person who is limited in what they can do and would appreciate the assistance.  There are many ways to find unusual sources of activity.  Do you know of some business or other organization that has a fairly large building or parking lot?  Knocking down spider webs and sweeping parking lots can be a great source of exercise.  I have done that before too.

Some individuals have hectic lives and don’t have a lot of spare time for this sort of thing.  To add insult to injury, many jobs are fairly sedentary without the option to move around much.  If this is the case in your situation, there are still some ways you can get some movement in.  Try parking as far from the entrance as you can.  In fact, if you live close enough to your job to walk to work that is even better.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator if your office has multiple levels.  Walk reports and other work related materials to their destination rather than having a runner do it.


Everyone has to go to the store at some point.  This is another occasion where you can park a fair distance from the entrance to get more steps.  Once inside the store, walk up and down every aisle.  Just walk at a fairly brisk pace and act like you have blinders on so that you don’t do any impulse buying of chips and cookies and the like.  I did this once in WalMart and got a 45 minute walk in.  You can get the items on your list and a workout at the same time.

As you can see, there is a lot to living a more healthy lifestyle.  The most important thing to remember is it is not going to happen overnight.  Most of us did not accumulate extra pounds overnight and it will not go away overnight either.  Join me in my journey to a healthier lifestyle and make 2022 your year.


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