My Experience with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime box

It seems like every time I go on Amazon they bug me to sign up for Amazon Prime.  I don’t usually even consider it because most of the time I am not in a rush to get my items and I don’t watch enough movies for the subscription to be worth it.  Recently, however, I was offered a 30-day free trial.  I figured—why not—I mean, get my stuph faster and maybe watch a movie or two.  Plus, they were going to give me a $5 coupon.

The first bad sign was there was a catch to watching movies.  There was one movie I had wanted to see.  I’m not sure why but I was actually just recently thinking about a movie I had started to watch when I was younger.  It was on TV when I was fairly young & I never got to finish watching it because my mom made me go to bed.  It was the movie about the Judds.  I found it on Amazon but in order to watch it I had to sign up for a free trial for another service.  Not happening.

The next thing that went wrong was that when I placed my order the $5 coupon was not applied to my purchase.  I wanted to send them a message in writing because I like to have physical proof of such issues, but there is no way to send Amazon an email and they don’t have a message button on their Facebook page.  So, I called them.  The guy told me that they would issue a refund after the payment went through.  I still have not received the refund. 

The other problem I had was that my order did not arrive in the guaranteed time frame.  In fact, the shipment got delayed and took longer than they originally projected, which was not even the time frame that is guaranteed with Prime.  I cancelled my subscription.  I just wanted to share my experience in case you are thinking about signing up for Amazon Prime.


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