Spiritual Literacy Month- What Is Armageddon Really?

Bible open to Revelation chapter 16

People have wondered about Armageddon for centuries.  There are all kinds of theories about what Armageddon is from nuclear wars to alien invasions to chemical warfare just to mention a few.  The fact that no one has been able to figure out exactly what Armageddon involves is bizarre considering the Bible says in black and white what it is—and it has nothing to do with the aforementioned events.

This apocalyptic event that instills fear into many people today is actually only mentioned once in the entire Bible—at Revelation 16:13-16.  There it talks about three evil spirits, or demons, that rise up to participate in this epic battle.  Now—one detail that a lot of people have come to understand is that this war involves the judgement meted out by the most high God.  This is clearly stated in the end of verse 14 of that chapter.  So, one participant in this war is God.  This is no surprise to a lot of people.

What most people haven’t realized is that the beginning of verse 14 states who the other participants are.  It brings out there that these evil spirits collude with all of the rulers of the world and gather them together to fight against God.  Did you get that?  I will let that sink in for a minute.  Those facts are right there in black and white in the Bible.  Demons are going to incite these rulers to get into an all-out battle with God.

Bible open to Revelation chapter 19

Just a little later in the book of Revelation, we get confirmation of this.  Revelation chapter 19 clearly states in verses 17 through 19 that these governments on the earth are going to try to defeat God.  This may seem like a ludicrous act to some, but that’s what’s going to happen.  You may be wondering when Armageddon is going to happen—many people have been asking that question for years.  The Bible does not give a date or time for this event—but it does give details about what will be happening just before this Great War breaks out.

You also may be wondering what is going to happen as this war progresses and how it will end.  To find out the answer to that question, check back next Sunday for the answer—or just click here to find out now.


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